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Name:The Dreams Born, Fears Subside Saga
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This is a world

About the Saga
The DBFS Saga is a massive multi-crossover series of stories by Dark Jedi Princess and Kawaii Spinel. THIS IS NOT AN RP. This community is for posting the actual installments of the story to LiveJournal, side-stories, and tie-ins to the saga.

Membership is limited to those participating in or writing the Saga, or to the (currently four) character journals from the Saga (which were created for the purpose of roleplaying). All others should watch the community instead of joining it. Anyone is welcome to leave comments on the entries, however, be aware that anonymous comments will be screened.

We request that you remain open-minded when it comes to the following topics:
✮ Original Characters
✮ Original Character/Canon Character romances
✮ Original Character/Original Character Romances
✮ Crossover Romances (Romances between two Canon Characters of different fandoms)
✮ Alternate Universes
✮ Same-sex relationships
✮ And, of course, crossovers in general.

[personal profile] darkjediprincess (Writer and Artist for the Saga)
[ profile] kawaiispinel (Creator)

[ profile] rose_outside
[ profile] spera_crinis
[personal profile] martyfan
[ profile] alilnightmusic
[ profile] damostaranth

The RP Journals
[personal profile] toreador_saviour (OC Kat O'Brian)
[personal profile] twinpharaohs (Yugi & Yami)
[personal profile] twinviziers (Ryou Bakura & Malik)
[personal profile] psychicstorm (Mewtwo)
[personal profile] storms_student (OC Erin Sullivan)
[personal profile] lionheartedgangrel (Harry Potter)
[personal profile] tjasuneresunesu (Methos)

I. For Tomorrow We Die
II. One Minute to Midnight
III. Take Back the Night
IV. Borrow the Moonlight
V. The Point of No Return
VI. Edging Into Darkness
VII. Deus ex Machina
VIII. Flash Before Your Eyes
IX. Last Night of the World
X. Something Wicked
XI. Time Flies, Time Dies
XII. Devil's Chess Game
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